WS CWI Certified Welding Inspector Training Course

Subjects of AWS CWI Course

Welding Safety
Welding Procedure Qualification
Welder Qualification And Certification
Welding Chemistry
Weld Joint Preparation
Discontinuities In Welding inspection Process
Welding Inspector Responsibilities
Welding Metallurgy
Welding Symbols
Mechanical Tests
NDT Tests And Symbols
Welding Processes Codes, Standards, Specifications
Thermal Cutting Processes

AWS CWI Course Fundamentals Part-A

Welding Inspection and Certification
Safe Practices for Welding Inspectors
Metal Joining and Cutting Processes
Documents Governing Welding Inspection and Qualification
Metal Properties and destructive testing
Metric Practice for Welding Inspection
Welding Metallurgy For the Welding Inspector
Weld and base metal Discontinuities
Visual inspection and other NDT methods

AWS CWI Course Practical Part-B

PQR Welding Procedure Qualification Record
WPS welding Procedure Specification
WQT Welder Qualification Test
Mechanical Tests and Properties
Welding Inspection and Flaws
Non-Destructive Testing

AWS CWI Course Open Code Book Part-C

API 1104, Welding of Pipelines and Related Facilities
AWS CWI Examination Details:
CWI: Completion of Parts A, B, and C with a minimum score of 72% in each part.
Part A: Fundamental. 2hrs/ 150-questions/closed-book test
Part B: Practical Applications. 2hrs/150-question/closed-book test
Part C: Open-Book Code Application. 2hrs/46-question/API 1104 Open-book test
AWS CWI Exam Registration Process:
Registration has to be done preferably 4 weeks prior to the
Commencement of the Seminar.

List of Required Documents for AWS CWI Course

Copy of educated Certificate
Copy of ID Proof
Work experience certificate
Attested of employment certification in CWI form
Photo (busted) with the white background of 2"X2"
Attested of Notary public in CWI form
Visual Acuity Record(Eye test)

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