WPS Qualification

Need requalification or not?

A repair organization has a WPS which states it is qualified for P-8 to P-8 material welded with E308, E308L, E309, E316, electrodes (SMAW process). The PQR, supporting this WPS, states the weld test coupons were SA-240 Type 304L material, welded with E308 electrodes. Is the WPS properly qualified for the base material listed?

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Dear ,
Prior to answering your question i have to mention some few details.
Like all Codes ASME also has essential ,supplementary essential and non essential variables for procedure qualification.
Violation of any essential variables requires re qualification that is the basic rule.
In your question for SMAW process,

  1. P number is the same ie.,8
  2. F number is the same ie.,5
  3. A number is same ie.,8( I am not completely sure).

So the answer is Yes ,you can.

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How to know the F No. and A No. of E308, E308L, E309, E316 Electrodes?

Are you working? Do you ever read codes?
Go through the code ,learn the basics and read again .There is no shortcuts.

Determine F & A-Number

Thank You :blush:

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