WPS for S355J2

Hi Expert,
Could I apply Wps Fcaw SA516 Gr.70 for S355J2 or should be run a new Wps ? many Thank


You have to run a new wps

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which standard apply?

Hi Anh Biên
AWS D1.1

Grade S355J2 fall unlisted material,
So, required new qualification.

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Please advise me that run PQR qualified to S355J2 acc to AWS D1.1. Many thank

Running PQR also the same material group no. I, II.
Difference at base metal qualification that qualified only the specified material (eg. EN 10025-2 S355J2 only).
This WPS does not qualify material ASTM A36/ API 5L B.

Hi Anh Biên,
If drawing and project specification are not require to CVN, this WPS is allowed quaification for S355J2 ?

Please share me a wps format?

Hi Experts,
My WPS qualified is undergo CVN. Mechanical properties S355J2 is equivalent group II. I don’t understand why is not qualified ?


S355J2 is an unlisted material, not listed in grouping II.


get it Inspection and procedure forms


Refer ISO 15608/TR for S355J2 material.

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@darshan.savaiya, topic asked construction code is AWS D1.1.
Material grade S355J2 listed into unlisted material. So, any change material shal require to qualify procedure.

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Hi Mr Bien,
if standard apply ASME IX ? Also need run new PQR?

@nguyenvan, Not require, EN 10025-2 S355J2 fall P-Number 1.

I sorry to correct above:

  • Required qualification, except material EN 10025-2 S235JR.

Bien are you sure?
I can only find out S 235 JR on list .

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@Aravind_km thanks for your correction.

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I do often makes mistakes bien, its quiet natural.
You are doing a fabulous job right here .keep it up . :+1: :+1:

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Hi Bro,
Where did you find this list from? can you share it? Thank so much