WPS for Low temp. material

I have one pipe joint of Low.temp material A516 Gr 70-A516 Gr 70 that working at 16*C and have no requirement about impact testing. I have also two WPS for sellection, first one use ER70S-6 rods (No impact test in PQR) and second one use ER80S-Ni2 (have impact test in PQR).Can i use both wps for the joint ,please help me to clear.


Yes you can.

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If possible, please detail WPS and thickness of material?

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The thickness of material is 13mm.

The impact test is required by the applicable standard to qualify the welding procedure, the service for which the welded joint will be used is mandatory.

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In my opinion, if the applicable standart does not require it, it is not necessary.

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I don’t know why you are selected 2 different classifications of welding electrode in the combined WPS for 13 mm thickness?
This may face problem in order welding material, save cost to run a new PQR in test coupon thickness 12.7 mm.

Yes you can use both

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you can’t use both WPS in Combination for the joint.

Thank you. I think so

Maybe you misunderstand what i mean. I need choose one of them.

Sorry bro, i mean that i need choose one of them for completed joint, don’t combine both.

yes , that the same iam also saying.