WPS combination

As per ASME sec 9
PQR 1 - GTAW T - 7.11mm , 1.5 to 14.22mm - A106 Gr.B

PQR 2 - SMAW T - 12.70mm, 5 to 25.4mm - A 106 Gr.B

No PWHT & No toughness.

My doubt is,1) is it possible to combine the above WPS to make GTAW &
SMAW combination.?
If possible wats thickness range.?

  1. & Regardless of WPS,
    My welder is qualified with Tig Process & Arc Process in seprately,
    Is it possible to put them in production for Same A106gr.b material in
    combination like Tig root & Arc Filler.
    If it not possible. Pl tell me para which restricts this

According to QW200.4(a) and (b)
(b) For GTAW, SMAW, GMAW, PAW, and SAW,
or combinations of these processes, a PQR for a process
recording a test coupon that was at least 1⁄2 in. (13 mm)
thick may be combined with one or more other PQRs
recording another welding process and any greater base
metal thickness. In this case, the process recorded on the
first PQR may be used to deposit the root layers using
the process(es) recorded on that PQR up to 2t (for shortcircuiting
type of GMAW, see QW-404.32) in thickness
on base metal of the maximum thickness qualified by the
other PQR(s) used to support the WPS. The requirements
of Note (1) of tables QW-451.1 and QW-451.2 shall apply
By considering this para can we Combine this two PQR? Please explain

See topic Combination of procedure qualification as per ASME IX

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Max. 40 mm

TIG process means ??? GTAW
ARC process means ??? SMAW

Your question could detail clearly thickness and range of welder qualified ???