What is the difference between AWS CWI and CSWIP 3.1

Which is better AWS/CWI or CSWIP3.1? Why?

In my opinion, CSWIP3.1 is better than AWC/CWI because:

    • CSWIP can apply for the Reciprocity of IIW-IWT (International Institute of Welding-International Welding Technologist).
    • 5 years Expiration compare to AWS 3 years.
    • In the Middle East, ASIA and Europe. CSWIP are more Favorable and Acceptable.
    • Cheaper Examination, Seminar and Membership compare to AWS.

P/S: I found above note @ https://app.aws.org/forum/topic_show.pl?tid=11662. Please leave your other opinion


Not sure that the personnel qualification are given in project specification.
In my opinion, both of them are better.

  • CE marks or ISO market required PCN/CSWIP/ISO9712…
  • ASME marks, AWS standard require CWI / ASNT CP-105/106 …
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Iam prefer CSWIP because of more material shared online.

I’m of the opinion that both are equal. Although the AWS seems to carry more weight in Canada. CSWIP/TWI say that CSWIP is recognised in Canada and they even do training courses there but I have yet to see a job advertised where CSWIP is accepted.

In Canada, why dont take a CWB

That’s the plan Bien, but there’s other fish to fry first. I just think that it’s misleading from CSWIP and TWI claiming that their qualifications are relevant there.

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