Welding procedure specification format and services

In this topic, we would like to add a DONATE BUTTON for preparing document and supporting services.

You may free download in .pdf format and re-build a standard form by yourself.

This fee to share amount for operations and building the Welding Inspection Community.

WPS and PQR format files

# Code File name Edition Free download Services
1-1 ASME Sec. IX PQR 2019 .pdf .docx
1-2 ASME Sec. IX GTAW 2019 .pdf .docx
1-3 ASME Sec. IX SMAW 2019 .pdf .docx
1-4 ASME Sec. IX FCAW/GMAW 2019 .pdf .docx
1-5 ASME Sec. IX SAW 2019 .pdf .docx
1-6 ASME Sec. IX GTAW+SMAW 2019 .pdf .docx
1-7 ASME Sec. IX GTAW+FCAW 2019 .pdf .docx
1-8 ASME Sec. IX GTAW+SAW 2019 .pdf .docx
1-9 ASME Sec. IX Wedler 2019 .pdf .docx
2-1 AWS D1.1 PQR 2015 .pdf .docx
2-2 AWS D1.1 SMAW 2015 .pdf .docx
2-3 AWS D1.1 FCAW/GMAW 2015 .pdf .docx
2-4 AWS D1.1 SAW 2015 .pdf .docx
2-5 AWS D1.1 Welder 2015 .pdf .docx
3-1 BS EN ISO 15614-1 pWPS 2017 .pdf .docx
3-1 BS EN ISO 15614-1 PQR 2017 .pdf .docx
3-3 BS EN ISO 15614-1 WPS 2017 .pdf .docx
3-4 BS EN ISO 15614-1 Welder 2017 .pdf .docx

NOTE: Other codes and processes are updating, please email to us.


  • We will only charge 10$ for each document including preparation of PQR, WPS and WQT format.
  • Payment via Paypal’s email: [email protected]

Request information and inquiry for service

Kindly send your inquiry to us at [email protected] with below information.

  • Your paypal’s email,
  • Welding process and type, material,
  • Other (if any),