Welding procedure specification and welder qualification

I have a WPS Qualified according to ASME Sec IX with Electrode 7018 , But unfortunately my procurement Purchased 7018-1 H4R Can I use 7018-1 electrode at production weld ?

Similarly Another Clarification is required when I have a WPS (Pre-qualified WPS Chapter 5 ) according to AWS D1.1 with 7018-1 now Can I use 7018 for Production Joint. however their is no Impact testing requirement or it is subjected to low Temperature.

I have a look in Table QW-253 of ASME IX 2019 - SMAW process, and also check at QW-404.12 - Classification for filler metal: welding electrode SFA5.1 E7018-1 H4R or E7018-1 are the same class. H4R means “diffusible hydrogen content”, mentioned in Section 18 of ASME SFA-5.1, Scale hydrogen H4 is lower than another. So, E7018-1 H4R can use.

Yes, accordance to AWS D1.1 2020 Table 6.7 - PQR Supplementary Essential Variable Changes for CVN Testing Applications.
If no CVN test required in the welding procedure, the production can use Table 6.5.

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Please kindly advise since my PQR is qualified with 7018 hence WPS is also reflected with 7018. Use of 7018-1 in production weld is still advisable or violating the ASME SEC IX requirements

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Still within the code limit.
Yes you can use