Welding positions in piping?

What positions do the 5G and 6G positions qualify for?

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Welding procedure for groove weld:
ASME IX: 5G or 6G position shall qualify for all position. 1G or 3G positions qualified on plate or pipe, the procedure are also qualified for all position, except limitation at QW-405.2 when supplementary essential variables application.

Welder or welding operator:

5G position shall qualify for F, V, O position

  • F = Flat
  • H = Horizontal
  • V = Vertical
  • O = Overhead

6G position shall qualify for all position.
Read more in table QW-461.9.


Why hardness, marcro and touchness test taken different location in the test coupon?

Hardness test sample shall be taken at low heat input,
Touchness test sample shall be taken at high heat input.

ASME IX: see figure QW-463.1 (a) to QW-463.1 (f).

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and witch position cover 6G

All positions .

There are different standard application such AWS D1.1, ASME IX, ISO 15614,…
Acc. to ASME IX 2019, they are deleted QW-405.2, so the test coupon at 1G qualify for all positions limitation welding processes.