Welding Positions in AWS D1.1 2015 Table 4.5 Line 27 and Table 4.6 Line 6

AWS D1.1 2015

Welding position requirement in AWS D1.1 2015. Here are the clause that make you confusion welding postion qualification.

  • Table 4.5 Line 27: A change in position not qualified by Table 4.1 or 9.9.
  • Table 4.6 Line 6: A change in position to vertical up. A 3G vertical up test qualifies for all positions and vertical down.

Yes, qualified 3G position do not qualify all position,
The answer should refer to Commentary C-4.8 Essential Variables:

  • Table 4.6 lists the supplementary essential variable requirements for PQR qualification where CVN testing is required by contract documents. The requirements of Table 4.6 are in addition to the essential variable requirements of Table 4.5. The essential variable requirements of Table 4.5 should be fully met for procedure qualification without CVN testing and the essential variables of Table 4.6 should be fully met to further qualify the PQR to meet CVN testing requirements. The requirements of Table 4.6 do not change any of the requirements in Table 4.5. In Table 4.6, the Essential Variable on line 6 eliminates the need for CVN testing in all positions but does not change the requirements of Table 4.5 regarding welding positions. All WPS qualification requirements for strength and soundness according to Table 4.5 are still required.
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