Welding position requirement in BS EN ISO 15614-1

Test required level 2.

  • Impact test shall be taken from the weld in the highest heat input position.
  • Hardness test shall be taken from the weld in the lowest heat input position.

3- Impact test specimens
5- Hardness test specimens

To satisfy both hardness and impact requirements, two test pieces in different welding positions are required. Unless fixed pipe is used for the qualfiaciation, H-L045 / PH / H-J045

For plate,


I think lowest heat input position is PG. Please refer to picture below from CSWIP 3.1 book

Yes, PG - vertical down progress, hardness sample shall be taken at symbol 5 in right picture.

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The main reason for making both Highest and Lowest Heat Input is for Qualify All Position purpose. In this case, PA and PC shall be chosen.

PG shall be qualified by a specific test piece.


Yes, PG is vertical-down.
Now we run PQR for FCAW.
Test pieces shall be prepared at 2 positions.

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which positions

Vertical uphill positions, 2 test pieces of PC & PF to satisfy both hardness and impact requirement.

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