Welding of super duplex stainless steel

why we call hot pass and cold pass in cs and dss respectively?? what mean cold pass and hot pass.? hot pass means have to weld next pass immediatley after root.what about cold pass? any experts please?

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You may check hot/cold pass in the definitions of specification.

ASME IX very details in QW-109.2 and figure QG-109.2.1, figure QG-109.2.2.

  • Pass: single progression of a welding or surfacing operation along a joint, weld deposit, or substrate. The result of pass isa weld bead or layer.

  • Pass, cover: a final or cap pass.

  • Pass, wash: pass to correct minor surface aberrations and/or prepare the surface for NDT.

hot pass apply after root pass.

Where to show its definition?