Welding of fillet joint (P92 to P22)

Dear sir,
I have some fillet joints of P92 to P22 .My Question is that what type of test assembly is required to perform the PQR.
Now what type of testing is performed as per Section IX. My code of construction is ASME B31.1 and ASME section I.
Please specify the clause no in ASME section IX need to be followed.

Please follow the following clause.
© Qualification for Fillet Welds. WPS qualification for
fillet welds may be made on groove‐weld test coupons
using test specimens specified in (a) or (b). Fillet‐weld
procedures so qualified may be used for welding all thick-
nesses of base metal for all sizes of fillet welds, and all dia-
meters of pipe or tube in accordance with Table
QW-451.4. Nonpressure‐retaining fillet welds, as defined
in other Sections of the Code, may as an alternate be qual-
ified with fillet welds only. Tests shall be made in accor-
dance with QW-180. Limits of qualification shall be in
accordance with Table QW-451.3.

Either by using qualified WPS of groove weld or by preparation of a fillet weld procedure.

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