Welding of dissimilar joints

Dear concern,
I have a joint of dissimilar P91 to P92 .i don’t have qualified PQR of the same.But i have a qualified PQR of P92 to P92. Now my question is that can i use the PQR of P92 to P92 for dissimilar joint.please confirm. If yes then how?

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Dear Sunil,
I never dealt with P91 material but from my opinion you are good to go with the procedure since both P91 and P92 belongs to same Pnumber category ie.,P 15E I don’t think there is nothing hinder you to weld both of them together.

It is the Pnumber which is an essential variable for WPS.

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Filler classification for P91 is ER90s-B9 for gtaw and for smaw E9018-B91.

Filler classification for P92 is ER90s-G for Gtaw and for Smaw E9018-B92.

For P91 and P92 P no and A.no. is same.i have some doubt with F no.please help

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What is your doubt with f number please let me know.
For SMAW the F number is 4 and GTAW the F number is 6.

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P92 having the same.so that we can use it.


I recommend to summary your question.
Background: PQR 1 qualified on plate/pipe, grade, thickess, P-Number, Group, position, with electrode, …

Question: Above supporting PQR qualify for plate/thickness, material grades, …

Above format may easy to answer and support by other members.

Bien ND

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Yes you can.

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Right bien

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