Welding Inspector

Summary topic - welding inspector examination

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Multi-choice questions and answers.
CSWIP 3.1 questions and answers.
CSWIP 3.1 notes
CSWIP 3.2 questions and answers.
CSWIP 3.2 notes.
Support and discussion topic .


Too many topics related welding inspector and examination which share in shipbuildingknowledge forum.

I have found this website to be a very useful source of information and indeed clarification. The world of welding inspection is incredibly complex and fascinating. A former colleague was not too impressed when I showed him the CSWIP 3.1 course notes. His reaction was, “am I supposed to know all that?”. I said yes, and a lot more on top.

thanks, there are many sites you may refer and learn.


I just received this result this morning from my brother.
He was ready to focus on 12 sample questions in our community and got the results:



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Vương Brother ! Congratulation ! All member I known attended this course have been Passed ! Me too ! Thank @bien Also for your Blog


congrats Brother @vuong01c1, @mr.lebienthuy


Summary 12 multi-choice questions

1. Multi-choice paper 1
2. Multi-choice paper 2
3. Multi-choice paper 3
4. Multi-choice paper 4
5. Multi-choice paper 5
6. Multi-choice paper 6
7. Multi-choice paper 7
8. Multi-choice paper 8
9. Multi-choice paper 9
10. Multi-choice paper 10
11. Multi-choice paper 11
12. Multi-choice paper 12