Welding Inspector - Duties before welding

In accordance with drawing/WPS.
Identified and can be traced to a test certificate.
In suitable condition (free from damage and contamination).

Have been approved and are available to welders (and inspectors).

Welding equipment:
In suitable condition and calibrated as appropriate.

Weld preparations:
In accordance with WPS (and/or drawings).

Welder qualifications:
Identification of welders qualified for each WPS to be used. All welder qualification certificates are valid (in date).

Welding consumables:
Those to be used are as specified by the WPSs,
Are stored/controlled as specified by the QC procedure.

Joint fit-ups:
In accordance with WPS/drawings.
tack welds are to good workmanship standard and to code/WPS.
Weld faces Free from defects, contamination and damage.

Preheat (if required):
The minimum temperature is in accordance with WPS