Welding Inspector - Duties after welding


Weld identification:
Each weld is marked with the welder’s identification and is identified in accordance with drawing/weld map.

Weld appearance:
Ensure welds are suitable for all NDT (profile, cleanness, etc). Visually inspect welds and sentence in accordance with Code.

Dimensional survey Check:
Dimensions are in accordance with drawing/Code.

Ensure any modifications are included on as-built drawings.

Ensure all NDT is complete and reports are available for records. Repairs:
Monitor in accordance with the procedure.

PWHT (if required):
Monitor for compliance with the procedure (check chart record).

Pressure/load test (if required):
Ensure test equipment is calibrated. Monitor test to ensure compliance with procedure/Code. Ensure reports/records are available.

Documentation records:
Ensure all reports/records are completed and collated as required.