Welding electrode retest

Could you advise welding procedure for re-testing electrode?


Which welding consumable would intend to retest?

E7016 and ER70S-6.
Client required to retest per each lot.

  • Preset up test coupon like the photo. The test specimen will subject to all tension test.

AWS/ASME A/SFA 5.1/5.1M, class E7016 see figure 2 to 5.

AWS/ASME A/SFA 5.18/A5.18M Class ER70S-6/G see figure 1 to 3.

  • Welding parameters are required in accordance with material certificate or specified in application specification, max. heat input values …

  • Post weld inspection and testing, see in each specification such NDT, chemical compositions, bend test, tension test, charpy impact, …

  • Acceptance criteria: as per specification requirements.


how to select parent metal?

Base metal selection, eg:

AWS A5.1

See table 5

AWS A5.5

See table 6

AWS A5.18

See table 5

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