Welding Electrode 6013

An SMAW electrode which is classified as an E6013
Welding consumable specifications are accordance with AWS A5.1/5.1M or ASME SFA 5.1/5.1M Table 1 “Electrode Classification”.

E6013 or E4313
E: expressed Electrode
60: expressed Tensile strength (PSI)
1: expressed All Position
3: High titania potassium consistent, Rutile type

Cellulose type, end in 0, 1: E6010, E6011, E7010, E8011,
Rutile type, end in 2, 3, 4: E6012, E6013, E6014,
Basic type, end in 5, 6, 8: E7015, E7016, E7018

America standards expressed minimum tensile strength in SI Unit “70 PSI” or US Customary Unit “40 MPa”.

Welding consumable specifications are accordance with EN ISO 2560

Method A: EN ISO 2560 A E4631
• 46: expressed minimum yield strength 460 N/mm^2 and impact absorbed 47J at -30 deg. C

Method B: EN ISO 2560 B E5516
• 55: expressed minimum tensile strength 550 N/mm^2 and impact absorbed 27J