Welder qualification test coupon

How many test coupons needed for welder qualification on pipe NPS 2" Sch80 by GTAW, ASME Sec. IX ?



– Prepare A Test Coupon Out of 300 х 150 х (t) mm CS Plates / pipe: min length at least 150mm
– Angle, Root Face & Root Opening Shall Be As Per The WPS
– Provide Run in & Run Out Coupon & Fix the Test Coupon In Any One Of The Positions To Be Qualified.
– Weld The Groove Fully In The Position
– All Welding Variables Shall be Strictly Within The Qualified WPS

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Thanks, my question qualify on pipe, not plate.

QW-304.1 states:
Length of weld production of min. 150 mm.

So, your test coupon (60.3 OD x 5.54 mm WT) is enough for welder qualification.


Thanks so much.