Welder Qualification as per API 1104

Could you tell me if welder qualifys on fixed position he also qualifys roll position without second qualification test? Thank you for your pay attention

@Aravind_km is that welder qualify?

Yes, that is welder qualification as per API 1104. I would like that if welder pass qualification test in fixed position successful he also qualified in roll position

See below quote:

6.2.2 f) A change in position from that for which the welder has already qualified (e.g. a change from rolled to fixed or a change from vertical to horizontal or vice versa). A welder who qualifies in the fixed position shall also be qualified to perform rolled welds within the essential variables qualified. A welder who qualifies on a butt weld shall also be qualified to make lap fillet welds within the essential variables qualified. A welder who successfully passes a butt weld qualification test in the fixed position with the axis inclined 45° from horizontal shall be qualified to do butt welds and lap fillet welds in all positions.

I have seen before that. Does it mean fixed and rolled both positions?

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yes, within the essential variables qualified

but for Welding Procedure Specification it will be different?

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WPS see another section.