Welder card expiration

As per API1104 welder qualified.welder card expired on jan 15,2019. so after that welder haven’t done any welding.
now i want to renew the card.do i want to give retest or is it possible to renew?

Note: i didnt see any suggestions in 1104.but Asme sec IX says welder card will remain valid if welder haven’t done welding with in 6 months period.
could anyone please give your valuable suggestion?

The title topic should change “Welder performance accordance to API 1104”.

Most projects are required re-qualification as per API 1104 instead of renewal or previously qualified welder. My company are also to spend more money to run procedure and repair welding procedure accordance with code.

API does not mention renewal expiration after 6 months from he has passed the test
See para. 6.8 of API Standard 1104:

A welder may be required to requalify if a question arises about the welder’s competence".