Welded Branch Connections

Welded Branch Connections for piping process - ASME B31.3, this para was required in ASME B31.3 2016 and latest editions,

Refer to para. 328.5.4 Welded Branch Connections and figure Figure 328.5.4F Acceptable Details for Integrally Reinforced Branch Connections.

Nominal thickness of branch weld and reinforcement are determined in 328.5.4(c ).

To verify the throat thickness of weld or leg length of fillet weld, you should make a reference point/gauge length during fit-up and to confirm it again after welding (if required) by:

  • Dot markings on pipe and both side of branch connection, make equally depart from the edge of opening hole, normally 50 mm or 100 mm for reference.
  • Re-verify the leg length of fillet weld by measurement from the reference point to the toe of fillet weld.

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I can see a crater crack on the termination point of arc.

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Yes, this photo refers to thickness if branch welds. We will replace another photo if got it

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