Weaving and weave bead?

What is the different between weaving and weave bead?
Why limits weld width 3 times diameter of electrode?


Please see definitions in ASME IX Section QW-109.2

  • weaving: a welding technique in which the energy source is oscillated transversely as it progresses along the weld path.
  • weave bead: for a manual or semiautomatic process, a weld bead formed using weaving.
  • weld bead: a weld deposit resulting from a pass. See also stringer bead and weave bead.

My understanding, it is limited heat input and effective mechanical properties.

  • The EN standard, weld width requires max. 3x of electrode diameter.
  • The US standard, weld width does not essential variables in WPS, alternative limits heat input, see QW-409.1.
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