Usage of WPS

wps and pqr assined and endorsed for Project A. can we use the same pqr and wps to Project B.
For Information : both projects handled and approved by same client but different coordinators.
so is that ok can we use??
kindly give your valuable suggestions?

If project specifications are not required new qualification, these WPSs may use for project B.
All essential variables shall be met QW-250.

yes both projects are comes under one same specification.essential variable also meeting…and for information both projects are same line and everything is same almost except these different coordinators.what i was thought,that project B should be endorsed by concerned coordinator.thats why i got doubt…so can we use nna no issue?

There are no reasion to reject your PQR, if no any supplementary requirements in project specifications.

WPS and PQR are company properties. So, any additional requirement in project like change electrode trade name, electrode size, company name (subsidary) …, you may develop new WPS which base on PQR qualification.
Make certain all essentials variables are unchanged.

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