Type of test for welder qualification Test (ASME IX)

Welder qualification shall be passed mechanical test or alternative volumetric NDE and visual examination.

Visual Inspection (QW-194)
Performance test coupons shall show no crack and complete joint penetration with complete fusion of weld metal and base metal (inside and outside).

Mechanical Test QW-302.1 and table 452.1 (a)
Side bend: 4 specimens (learn more QW-302.3).
Root bend: 1 specimen.
Face bend: 1 specimen.

For tube-to-tubesheet test (QW-193.2).
Five mockup weld are required to qualify each welder.

Volumetric NDE (QW-190)
RT acceptance criteria: QW-191.1.2, or
UT acceptance criteria: QW-191.2.3


FCAW is required 2 bend samples.