Top 10 welding machines market on

1 - Hobart 500554 Handler 190 MIG Welder 230V

  • Welds 24 ga. to 5/16in. steel in single pass
  • Powerful and Professional Results. Operates on 230V power
  • 25 to 190 output amperage
  • 7 voltage selections, enhanced magnetics and infinite wire feed speed control offers easier fine control of the output parameters for improved arc performance with less spatter
  • 30% duty cycle @ 130 Amps

2 - Lincoln Electric Easy MIG 180 Flux-Core/MIG Welder

  • Can set up for gas-free flux core welding or gas-shielded MIG welding for steel, stainless and aluminum
  • 50–500 IPM wire feed speed control
  • Fully adjustable drive system reduces wire tangle and crushing
  • Brass-to-brass gun connection for enhanced conductivity
  • Cast aluminum body with rigid drive aids wire alignment

3- Reboot ARC135

  • Handles up to 1/16~ 1/8 inch electrode.
  • 120 Amp output/ 60% Duty Cycle.
  • Conversion line easy transfer from 110V to 220V Weight: 5.6kg /12.35lb
  • 110- 220V / 60Hz Input current at rated output 52A 110V , 26A 220V.
  • Packing Size: 420270210mm Electrode holder and earth clamp each 5 ft.(1.5m) cable

4 - ESAB Rebel EMP 215ic

  • Rebel EMP 215ic machine
  • Includes 1 pair of Welding Gloves and 1 pair of Tig Gloves

5 - Forney Easy Weld 180 ST 120V/230 V Welder

  • POWERFUL- Welds up to 1/2" Mild Steel - amperage range: 10-90 amps for 120 volts; 10 -180 amps for 230 volts
  • DUAL VOLTAGE-120/230 input power and adapter
  • VERSATILE- Easy Start Technology makes every strike easy and eliminates the frustration of your electrode sticking. DC Stick and TIG welder
  • RUGGED- All metal case that’s built tough to take on wear and tear
  • GENERATOR FRIENDLY- Extremely stable arc even off a power generator
  • FUNCTIONAL- Features an 8’ ground clamp, 8’ electrode holder and 8’ power cable. It has an integrated handle and cable wrap for easy storing and portability. With the lift start capability for TIG, there’s no need for a foot pedal
  • PORTABLE- Weighing only 14 lbs., you can easily take this machine right to your project

6 - Power 140C 120V MIG Welder 140A


LINK2471-1 Features:

  • Great ARC starts make getting started easy.
  • Wide voltage ‘sweet spot’ gives you a very forgiving ARC, so setting controls is a snap.
  • Extremely low spatter reduces clean-up.
  • Outstanding aluminum and stainless performance, not just mild steel.

7 - Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 210 MP Multi-Process Welder TIG One-Pak - K4195-2

  • Lightweight and portable–just 40 lbs.
  • Dual Voltage Inputs (120V or 230V) means you can plug into any common power supply
  • Intuitive push-and-turn digital controls make setup a breeze
  • Large color display guides you through the setup process - Advanced options and settings are simple to access
  • Includes - PTA-17V Ultra-Flex TIG Torch (K1782-6) and Foot Amptrol (K870).

8 - Engine Driven Welder, Bobcat 250


  • Start type: Electric
  • Great for Stick and Flux-Cored welding
  • Quieter and better sound significant improvements in sound level
  • Amperage range: 40 to 250
  • Provides a safer, more efficient working environment

9 - Everlast PowerMTS 211Si MIG TIG Stick

  • All digital DC CC/CV Multi-Process inverter design offers the perfect welder for nearly every task.
  • Light weight design makes the unit extremely portable, ideal for jobsites and motorsports.
  • Easy to use, operator friendly panel to select features.
  • Adjustable Arc Force Control allows the user to dial in desired Stick welding performance.
  • Adjustable Burn back control keeps wire energized after feeding stops to burn back the wire to a perfect length without needing to trim wire for restarts.

10 - Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

  • Compact, portable and lightweight construction
  • Continuous wire feed speed adjustment
  • Ideal for welding mild steel from 24 gauge to 1/8” thick

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