The maximum bead width of welding process

You may find more WPSs statement the maximum of bead width such ISO 15614-1, previous welding procedures or in the project specification.

Here are for your reference.

  • ASME VIII div. 1 UCS-56 f (4) [-a] - The maximum bead width for low hydrogen electrodes shall be 4 times the electrode core diameter.
  • AWS A5.1/5.5 - weld test assembly - The width of each weld pass in each weld layer shall be no more than 2-1/2 times the diameter of the core wire.
  • AWS A5.20 - weld test assembly - The weave shall be limited to 6 times the electrode diameter.

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  • What are the different between “bead width” and “weave bead” and “weld bead”?