Tensile test for PQR qualification as per BS EN 15614-1

One of Lab test company told me that tensile test for PQR qualification as per the BSEN 15614-1 require tensile strength reading only. So, they did not accept to show the yield strength and elongation reading of tensile test on the test report. Are they corrected??

Acceptance criteria of transverse tensile tests are not required % elongation and yield strength.
Moreover requirements, you may ask them to provide as specified standard.

  • BS EN ISO 15614 2017, transverse tensile test shall test in accordance with ISO 4136 and ISO 6892-1 and test report shall:
    • ISO 6892-1 : 2016, see Section 22.
    • ISO 4136 : 2012, see Section 8.
      • Yield strength no need to record in transverse tensile test for weld joint.
      • Elongation percentage may be recorded in test report by measuring reduction area (not gauge length).
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