Tack welding requirement

What is tack welding? requirement in drawing and procedure?

Tack welding

A weld made to hold parts of a weldment in proper alignment until the final welds are made.


Structural steel (AWS D1.1)

  • Subsection and Table 2.5: min. 12 mm,
  • Tack welder shall be qualified in accordance with Subsection, min. 50 mm length.

Piping (ASME B31.3)


  • Length of tack welding are depended on project requirement and equipment.
  • Most project specifications are not allowed less than 25 mm for structural steel.
  • Apply preheat before tack weld to minimize cracking, temperature shall be the same preheat temperature specified in WPS.
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How about in piping?

See ASME B31.3 2016 328.5.1 c) Tack welds at the root of the joint shall be made with filler metal equivalent to that used in the root pass. Tack welds shall be made by a qualified welder or welding operator. Tack welds shall be fused with the root pass weld, except that those that have cracked shall be removed. Bridge tacks (above the weld) shall be removed.


Mainly there are two types of tack weld one is bridge and other one is bullet.
Bridge tacks are welded on top of bevel and it don’t touches root face .
Prior to welding complete removal of bridge tacks are required.
Other one is bullet tacks which are permanent tack weld and must be a complete root penetrated weld.
Only feathering of bullets tacks are required prior to welding for good tie in .

Remember all of the tack welds are done by qualified welders and same filler rod that is used for root weld.


You may make a tack welding as a root bead, no need to remove. But make sure that all requirement are meet WPS and sound weld.

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does preheat apply on tack weld joint?

Yes, min. preheat temperature determine accordance with EN 1011