Supplementary essential QW-405.2 welding positions deleted in ASME IX 2019

In ASME IX 2019 deleted supplementary essential variables “QW-405.2 welding positions” which given below table

Process Table Section Code book 2019 changes
SMAW Table QW-253 QW-405.2 deleted
FCAW and GMAW Table QW-255 QW-405.2 deleted
GTAW Table QW-256 QW-405.2 deleted
PAW Table QW-257 QW-405.2 deleted

See SUMMARY OF CHANGES in this code book.

A qualification in any position qualifies the procedure for all positions
Also see QW-203.

A qualified in pipe also qualify for plate and vice versa.
You may combine these WPSs in new procedure, also see QW-200.4

:star2: NOTE:
New editions to Section IX may be used beginning with the date of issuance and becomes mandatory 6 months after the date of issuance (July 01 2019).