Stainless Steel

Hi Expert,
Why is stainless steel has undergo the both high & low temperature ?

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Great question.
One important is alloy contents.

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Yes simply due to the addition of alloying elements we can enhance the desired properties of stainless steel.
Titanium or columbium is added to enhance the higher temp properties and Nickel is added to enhance the lower temp properties .

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@Aravind_km why is SA333 Gr.6 without nickel content , it’s still suffer low temperature ?

In case of SA 333M Gr6 Manganese is added to enhance the impact properties of material.
*Since SA 333 Gr6 is lacking Nickel, its application is only limited to -45C.

Hi Bro,
As i known, manganese content in Sa333m gr.6 and in sa106 gr.b is the same as well chemical posittion of them. Why is Sa106M Gr.B hight temperature whilist Sa333m Gr.6 is low temperature ?

Simply because the heat treatment process they undergone.
SA333Gr6 shall be Normalizes where as SA 106 GrB can be either cold drawn or hot finished seamless(Pipe over 2" NB sahll be hot finished & if cold drawn shall be heat treated at 650C)

There is no requirement of Normalizing in SA 106 GrB.
As we all know Normalizes process refines the grains and enhances impact properties.
Hope this help to you and sorry for the late reply.