Stainless steel welding

Which type of welding is best for type 316L stainless steel?

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Welding electrodes: E316L-16 for SMAW or ER316L for GTAW/GMAW.
One more thing, welding procedure and project specification will detail the specific welding consumables.

Read more: Filler Metals for Welding Austenitic Stainless Steels

More guide in API RP 582 tabke A.2

Any recommend preheat and interpass temperature?

Follow project specifications or API RP 582 table 4 at material group P-No. 8:


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Thanks, I call back check in our project are required 150 deg C max and WPS allowed max. 215.
So, do we need to revise WPS or not?

Maybe, should get Client approval before welding.

My experience: no need but your supervisor/welders make certain to control IP are not higher than temperature specified in spec. 150 deg. C during welding.

Please discuss with your client to get decision

API RP 582, download at