Solvent problem

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Visual Inspection

  1. Case 1: Maximum wide bead allowed FCAW process? Where references?
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  2. Case 2: Pipe production markings - ASTM A312 TP304/304L
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Hydrostatic test and Pneumatic Test

  1. Case 1 - You are assigned to witness hydrotest of pressure vessels as client representative with end user representative.

Your finding: some RT films not ready for reviewing and some other NDT reports and material records, welding summary were not released for signature by parties. Dimensional inspection report just completed by vendor QC, no realistic reports and endorse by themselves.

Pressure vessel designed UCS, RT-0.85, 100% MT/PT for fillet welds, ITP mentioned “Holding Point” for hydrotest.

Vendor confirmation: all documents to be summited after hydrotest.

In this case, this pressure vessel had booked delivery in the next 2 days and painting application not ready to paint.

What would you do in this situation?

  1. Stop until clear documents.
  2. Email to get advise by Client for next step.

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