Simply to prepare a WPS and review PQR in ASME IX

  1. Instruction to prepare a pWPS and how to update the test result to PQR,
    See, Preparation of pWPS and running PQR (ASME IX) ; and Guide to Update A Procedure Qualification Record (ASME IX) .

  2. How to combine a WPS?
    See Welding procedure specification for GTAW & FCAW.

  3. If you want to make a new PQR, see Checklist of pWPS and PQR

  4. Any concern or questions which need to interpret? how to get the results?
    See, Code and standard – searching online the interpretations

  5. Why we need to perform hardness test for PQR, see Hardness test for welding procedure

  6. Any additional in PQR should consider?
    See, Additional toughness or run a new PQR in ASME IX

Download free form format: Procedure and inspection report form