Significant articles in ASME IX

Article I Welding General Requirements

  • QW-150 Tension Tests
  • QW-153 Acceptance Criteria-Tension Tests
  • QW-160 Guided-Bend Tests
  • QW-163 Acceptance Criteria-Guided Bend Tests
  • QW-170 Notch-Toughness Tests
  • QW-180 Fillet-Weld Tests
  • QW-182 Fracture Tests
  • QW-183 Macro Examination-Procedure Specimens
  • QW-191 Volumetric NDE (RT & UT)

Article II Welding Procedure Qualifications

  • QW-200 General
  • QW-210 Preparation of Test Coupon
  • QW-214 Corrosion-Resistant Weld Metal Overlay
  • QW-216 Hard-Facing Weld Metal Overlay
  • QW-250 Welding Variables

Article IV Welding Data

  • QW-400 Variables
  • QW-402 Joints
  • QW-403 Base Metal
  • QW-404 Filler Metal
  • QW-405 Position
  • QW-406 Preheat
  • QW-407 Post Weld Heat Treatment
  • QW-408 Gas
  • QW-409 Electrical Characteristics
  • QW-410 Technique
  • QW-420 Base Metal Groupings


  • QW-252 through QW-269Welding Variables Procedure Specifications
  • QW-422 Grouping of Base Metals for Qualification
  • QW-430 F‐Numbers
  • QW-432 Grouping of Electrodes and Welding Rods for Qualification
  • QW-440 Weld Metal Chemical Composition
  • QW-442 A-Numbers Classification of Ferrous Weld Metal Analysis for Procedure Qualification
  • QW-450 Specimens
  • QW-451.1Groove-Weld Tension Tests and Transverse-Bend Test
  • QW-451.2Groove-Weld Tension Tests and Longitudinal-Bend Test
  • QW-461 Positions
  • QW-462 Test Specimen
  • QW-470 Etching — Processes and Reagents

Article V Standard Welding Procedure Specifications (SWPSs)

Reference standards

  • ASME II Part A – Ferrous Material Specification
  • ASME II Part B – Non-ferrous Material Specification
  • ASME II Part C – Specification for Welding Rods, Electrodes, Filler Metals
  • ASME V Non-destructive Test
  • ASME B2.1 Standard Welding Procedure Specification