SA 516 70N MT LTV meaning

i have a plate ,marked SA-516 Gr.70 MTLTV/SA-516 Gr.70 MTLTV what does it mean by double marking of the same words and what does MTLTV means

MT: Material treated, you may found at heat treatment report in the MTC.

See ASME SA20 - Para. 12.1.7 and 13.1.2.

13.1.2 …Plates that are required to be heat treated, and have been so heat treated, shall be marked, by the party that performed the heat treatment, with the letters “MT” (denoting material treated) following the required ASTM designation mark.

12.1.7 Marking—The letters “LTV” shall be stenciled or stamped on each plate following the class number, grade, supplemetary S5, eg. ASME SA516 70N S5.