Review MTC dual grade ABS Grade EH36 and EN 10025-2 S355K2 TMCP

ABS Grade EH36 and EN 10025 S355K2+M TMCP are high strength steel.

Additional information review in topic EN 10025-2 - Material inspection and review its MTC.

Follow MTC:


Yes, this MTC is complied with EN 10025-2 S355K2.

Additional information shall include in MTC follow.

Look in MTC:

  • CE%: yes
  • PCM: not applicable, selection of the maximum value for Pcm is a matter to be agreed between the fabricator and the steel mill when the steel is ordered.

Optional of test

  • Steel with Improved Through Thickness Properties: shall mark letter Z.
  • Steel with Ultrasonic Examination: shall mark letter U.
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