Regarding fitup of weld.joints

Hi I want to know if there is welded pipe which will be join with fitting elbow then it is mandatory requirement that seam should be at top only.

@aggarwalmohit05, most specification or guidelines are required to align the longitudinal seam of pipe/fitting at opposite/right position (180/90 degree) and apart from bottom 45 degree. Here is illustration:

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Hi thanks for your reply.Kindly let me know the reference code/specification and also I want to know the reason for this. Actually in one of joint it getting falls on 45 degree from below is it ok or we will have to cut the joint.

I did get any standards here. You may find in the project specification or make TQ for this case to get approval by Client before welding.

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Seam weld shall be free from attachments .it’s a basic requirements for all standards .
Especially longitudinal welds because they subjected to double stress ,that’s why Inspection criteria for longitudinal welds are more stringent .
If you are dealing with cross country pipelines with longitudinal welds always keeps the weld downwards because that is the one area always fails first and by keeping it downwards we can minimise it’s severity .

Hi thanks for your reply but welding already done that’s why I was asking…

It is process piping and falling downwards 45 degree. Is it acceptable…?

No choice, cut a weld and turn this seam up.

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