Radiographic Interpretation Course

Hi guys, so I’m booked in for the radiographic interpretation course in KL which is due to start on December 2nd. However, I’ve just found out that TWI Malaysia has dropped the CSWIP/PCN certification for this and is now just CSWIP. Is it still worth doing this course? I’ll be travelling from Ireland for this so it’s a big financial outlay. Opinions would be most appreciated.

We also heard that, kindly contact with TWI Sea Sdn Bhd.

I’ve been in contact with them and I’m booked onto the course but is it actually worthwhile doing now that that PCN qualification has been removed?
Thanks Bien.

The front is Brexit, PCN and CSWIP may not play together.

Ah now I see, I didn’t think of that. Thank you Amsiz.

CSWIP also certified ISO 9712.
So, you can take it.

Thanks for your reply Amsiz, that’s much appreciated. I was starting to question the validity of the course but that settles it. Trip to KL is back on!

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