QW-405.2 change welding position

Acc. to QW-405.2: If PQR qualified at 3G position, procedure qualifies for all positions.

Yes, this is required when touchness test application.
Vertical uphill like 5G, 6G also qualify for all positions

Another question, why don’t qualify the PQR at 3G instead of 6G? Because of above your reply?

3G or 6G are not an issue with your welder.
Best solution for further fabrication/bidding job: 6G (my recommend).

If procedure passed the mechanical test in QW-202, the welder also passed at his qualification.

Please see QW-304.

A welder qualified to weld in accordance with one qualified WPS is also qualified to weld in accordance with other qualified WPSs , using the same welding process, within the limits of the essential variables of QW-350.

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