Qualification range for Single V groove to bevel groove

PQR on single V groove butt weld will qualifiy the single bevel butt weld, double bevel butt weld as per BS EN 15614-1? Please give the reference?

Type of groove welds are not essential in BS EN ISO 15614-1 2017.
You find out range of qualification in Section 8.4.3.

  • (f) Welds made from one side without backing qualify welds made from both sides and welds with backing,
  • (h) Welds made from both sides with or without gouging qualify welds made from one side with backing,

But it is not showed clearly in standard. That will be hard to persuade client!! They may ask for new qualification!!

You make sure all essential variables are meet project specification?
Then you may discuss with them again.
If required new qualification, cost impact may be consider.