PWHT required or not

Suppose my pipe thickness is 30mm and coupling is attached over the pipe . My question is that pipe to coupling joint requires PWHT as par ASME B 31.1.If PWHT required then why???

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Hi @sunil_kaushik
Your question is not clearly detail of material, WPS and service application.

  1. If WPS required WPS, this joint also required PWHT
  2. If vessel design with PWTH, yes you also follow.

Another point, the CS seems PWHT applied.

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Material is CS. It is not a vessel.
I have confusion that i have two WPS, with PWHT and without PWHT.Thickness range-1.5mm to 25mm without PWHT and second WPS having thickness range-5mm to 200mm with PWHT.code of construction ASME B31.1. Then, how will i select the WPS .Which thickness is to be considered for PWHT either pipe or coupling.

Please specific material grouping?

CS material P no1 to Pno 1

Please check in the project specification and ASME B31.1 2018 Table 132.2-1 - Exemptions to mandatory PWHT.