Dear all,
I have a PQR of thickness 22 that require pwht and impact test so from where i can choose the soaking time?
From sec 8 ucs 56 or sec 9?
If yes how? And how much is the soaking time?
Pls explain?

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From construction codes, ASME BVPC Section VIII Div. 1 UCS 56.

Min. 60 minutes for P-No. 1, 2, 3, 4; Other P-number given in the Table UCS-56-2 to 11.

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How do they get a time range of 300 minutes in Pqr and 375 in WPS?


I dont know time range of 300 minutes, can you re-verify it in the chart no. JP-PQR-337?

Check again time chart?