Pressure vessel scope and piping scope?

According to ASME Section VIII Division 1 and ASME B31.3:

Please share your understanding about pressure vessel scope and piping scope

Photo are shown nozzle #L2 , #G2 , #L4 and #C which subsequently joints belong the scope of vessel?
(*) Nozzle size is NPS 2" XXS ASME SA106-B SMLS

With my opinion, depend your construction code belong this drawing you can define which one use B31.3, which one use Asme VIII div.1. Normally, all nozzle will fabricate by Asme VIII div 1 because it is part of Vessel. To make sure, you can check Drawing again where can show to you which one is construction code.

Drawings do not mention the scope.
We would like to prepare a welding map for these nozzles.