Prequalified WPS for fillet weld (stainless steel) as per AWS D1.6

Can anybody explain how to prepare a prequalified WPS for Stainless steel (astm 240 type 316l) fillet weld as per AWS D1.6 using SMAW process.

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Dear Ganesh,
I never dealt with AS D1.6.
But id o have the copy of AWS D1.6 Ed 1990.
By referring it one thing is clear that the making of PWPS as per AWS D1.1 and D1.6 are same.
Like D1.1 ,D1.6 has a table that mention prequalififed variables that must enter in WPS.
2. A table mentioning Group number of material (Any unlisted material shall be qualified by testing)
3. A table describing filler metal classification
4. A table describing PWPS requirements process wise.
5.Then the joint details.

Violation of any variables above the range described in the tables/clause requires requalification.