PQR of plate qualify for Hollow section?

Hi All
Table 9- Note 1 in BS EN 15614-1 2017, So we can use PQR of plate to qualify for hollow section SHS, RHS with dimension of min 150mm in PA/PC Position?

very clear in the statement in Section 8.3.3,

Qualification given for butt weld in plates also covers pipes when
- OD > 500 mm, all positions
- OD > 150 mm, in PC; PA & PF rotated positions.

If you want to run PQR on plate (for process 131, 135, 136), should prepare the test piece at PC & PF positions, see 8.4.2 in this specification.

Note 1 table 9 define that hollow section other than circular
In case of Rectanguar hollow section, square hollow section, smaller edge dimension shall be determined.
Exp: i can use my PQR qualified plate 25mm thickness to qualify for SHS 350x350x16mm ?

@Stephen, please change title of topic, PQR qualified on plate, not QPR .
SHS, RHS also determined smaller dimension.

Acc. to Table 7, your WPS qualification from 0.5t (12.7 mm) up to 2t (50mm).