Original marking inspection on production


I would like to invite you to join this topic and discussion about product marking on pipe, flange, flanged fittings, …

I think anybody are now facing the most problems at site or shop receiving material.

So, please detail your question and concern such:

  • How to … acceptance the marking.
  • Proper transfer heat number.
  • How to identify material.
  • Additional inspection should follow, …

markings are acc or rej

Orignal markings of pipe NPS 6" are not acceptance.
Due to missing of

  • Manufacturer’s logo / brandname
  • NDT/ hydrotest
  • Weigth of pipe abve NPS 4".

have any recommendation to correct and avoid it?

  1. Subject mateerial to retest to conform mechanical and chemical, supplementary by each heat number.

  2. Review MTC before shipping
    a. Manufacturer are listed in approved vendor list or not?
    b. Request vendor supply MTC with actual orignal markings.
    Read more: how to identify a fake MTC.


Thanks so much.