Nozzle wall thickness

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I have a question regarding the Nozzle Neck minimum required thickness considering correct welding (welded joint) not internal pressure or opening reinforcement.

What is minimum thickness of the Nozzle Neck in relation to shell an pressure vessel or running pipe thickness in case of SET-ON nozzle and SET-IN (Pass-through) nozzle?

My older mate claims that thickness of the Nozzle Neck should not be smaller than 40% wall thickness of the shell in case of SET-IN welded configuration and 60% in case of SET-ON welded configuration. Is it true? Are there any standards or rules concerning this problem?

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It would be hard to reply your question, thickness of nozzle neck shall determine by design engineer.
Determine thickness of nozzle type SET-IN or SET-ON nozzle in ASME Section IX.

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Depends on design criteria.