Need help making pWPS

Dear experts please help me with selecting welding parameters for those 2 pWPS prior to PQR.

pWPS 1:

Process: GMAW (short circuit transfer)

Base metal: A572Gr.65

One-sided groove weld T joint with full penetration in overhead position

plate Thickness : 18 mm (0,71 inch)

pWPS 2:

Process: FCAW

Base metal: AISI 316

Butt weld with full penetration in 2G welding position

Pipe dimensions :Outer diametar: 300 mm
Thickness: 15 mm


What your pWPS intend to use and code application?

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pWPS 1 code AWS D1.1
pWPS 2 code asme sec ix

Welding parameter may follow manufacturer’s recommendation for welding consumable, which electrodes had been tested and met an electrode specifications of the recognized standard like AWS or EN, ISO. Other things apply your client specification and their limitation in WPS.

pWPS-1: GMAW ASTM A572 Gr. 65, 18 mm thickness groove.

  • Group: III, see table 3.1
  • Filler: AWS A5.36 E8XTX-XAX-XXX, see table 3.2 for group III
    I never ran this PQR on that base metal, so there are no recommend you how to build WPS for HSLA steel with GMAW process.

pWPS-2: FCAW, type 316
Welding procedure should use mix gas, electrode ER316LT1-4 or ER316T1-4.
There is a Lincolnelectric data sheet for your reference, here.

Important: monitoring heat input to control hardness value and toughness if PQR requirement.

Here are the welding parameters which snapshot from their data sheet, you may run your PQR with their range qualification “As-weld test results”.



How do I select filler metal diameter size?

@Mohammed_Faheem: 2 sizes for your reference 1.1 mm and 1.6 mm.